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                  About Us

                  Nanjing Movelaser Co., Ltd. was founded in May 2015, focuses on the research and development, production, manufacturing of the wind lidar system. All core modules including all fiber single frequency laser, laser weak signal detection, data processing and algorithm, system control etc., have been developed and produced independently. We possess more than 10 core invention patents and form an independent core intellectual property, which provides a solid guarantee for wind lidar to break foreign monopolies and the substitution of Chinese-made. Movelaser has launched two products including the ground-based wind lidar Molas B300 and the nacelle-based wind lidar Molas NL, with leading technology, professional attitude and excellent service to provide our clients with quality wind resource assessment solutions. Our wind measurement technology is originated from the Shanghai Institute of Optics and Fine Mechanics, Chinese Academy of Sciences, the earliest and largest laser science and technology research institute in China. Since 2001, the related research has been carried out based on the military pre-study vehicle wind measurement laser radar project. After more than ten years of technology accumulation and progress, and the development and iteration of several generations of prototypes, the technical prototype of the 1550nm all-fiber structure and laser coherent Doppler principle has been formed.
                      In 2012, Shanghai Institute of Optics and Fine Mechanics, Chinese Academy of Sciences and the Nanjing Government jointly established Nanjing Institute of Advanced Laser Technology, which combines industrial incubation and laser innovation technologies to become the innovation engine and incubator for the laser industry. Adhering to the development concept of "scientific and technological innovation, industry to serve the country", Movelaser and laser wind measurement technology have been incubated, and the laser wind measurement technology has been pushed into the field of industrialization development.

                  Founder Jun Zhou

                  The founder of the company, Dr. Jun Zhou, obtained his doctoral degree and associate researcher's title from the Shanghai Institute of Optics and Mechanics of the Chinese Academy of Sciences, and he is engaged in postdoctoral research at Stanford University in the United States. He has long been engaged in laser and laser application technology research. After returning, Dr. Jun Zhou established the all-solid-state laser technology R&D center at the Nanjing Institute of Advanced Laser Technology. The center has a R&D team of more than 40 people focusing on MOPA structured pulsed fiber lasers, 1064nm single-frequency fiber lasers, single-frequency ultraviolet pulsed lasers, etc. Based on years of technology accumulation and core technical team, Dr. Jun Zhou founded Nanjing Movelaser Co., Ltd. in 2015, specializing in R&D, production, and manufacturing of wind lidar system, and obtained equity investment in Goldwind in 2016. It has injected a strong industrial background and vitality for the development of Movelaser.

                  Development History

                  • 2015-5

                    The formal establishment of Movelaser

                  • 2016-2

                    Obtain strategic equity investment from Goldwind

                  • 2016-12

                    Movelaser officially launched the ground-based wind lidar product Molas B300

                  • 2016-12

                    The site installation and application of the first Molas B300

                  • 2017-1

                    Molas B300 passed through the German Windguard performance test? 2017-3

                  • 2017-3

                    Movelaser obtained the first order of Molas B300

                  • 2017-10

                    Movelaser launched nacelle-based wind lidar product named Molas NL

                  • 2017-11

                    Molas NL has received orders for more than 1,000

                  • 2018-06

                    Molas NL delivered the world's first wind turbine standard configuration project in batches, with more than 200

                  • 2018-09

                    Movelaser completed the B round of tens of millions of RMB financing led by Huatai Securities

                  The company has professional R&D, service, management team and experienced industrial application talents. The company employs more than 100 people, including 4 doctors, more than 40 R&D personnel,the proportion of masters and above in research and development personnel reaches 80%, has experienced senior experts in optics, electronics, machinery, software , data algorithms and other directions. The company has strong professional quality, strong sense of belonging, has outstanding professional quality such as dedication and teamwork ability, and acutely discern the demand of the customer and the development trend of the international laser wind measurement industry, which constitutes the talent guarantee of the company's continuous development and scientific and technological innovation.

                  Movelaser will lead the global wind lidar industry with leading technology, professional attitude and excellent service.

                  Movelaser Chen Weibiao, research fellow and doctoral supervisor, has been awarded the "Hundred Talents Program" of Chinese Academy of Sciences, "outstanding youth of the 10th Chinese academy of sciences", long-term engaged in laser remote sensing telemetry and laser radar research work, is currently the deputy director of the Shanghai Institute of Optics and Fine Mechanics, Chinese Academy of Sciences. As the project leader, he presided over the development of China's first high frequency airborne laser sounding system. As the main backbone, he participated in the development of the first onboard laser depth sounder and the first airborne laser depth sounder system. At the same time, the study of the direct detection of doppler laser radar measuring air wind velocity was carried out by Chen weibiao. He undertakes the development of laser and system in multiple satellites, including chang 'e I, quantum satellite and fengyun4 and has taken on the important contribution of China's lunar exploration, manned space and other major defense technology programs. Mr. Chen is now appointed as chief scientist of the company.


                  Obtainment of Technology  Nanjing Movelaser Co., LTD. is originated from the largest professional laser institute in China - Shanghai Institute of Optics and Fine Mechanics, Chinese Academy of Sciences. The institute has successively elected 8 experts as academicians of the two houses of the Chinese academy and the Chinese academy of sciences, and created more than 50 first prizes and 44 national awards (2 first prizes and 20 second prizes of the national science and technology progress award). As a military task-management unit, it has undertaken and completed a number of military high-tech research and military production tasks, and has made important contributions to national security. In the past 50 years since its establishment, the Shanghai Institute of Optics and Fine Mechanics has established its position in the domestic and international scientific and technological community with its outstanding scientific research achievements and its own disciplinary advantages. It has completed a series of major scientific research projects, including major optical and laser frontier foundations and applied basic research projects. Large-scale laser application engineering research, etc.,and has made fundamental, strategic and forward-looking major innovation contributions to China's economic construction, national security and social sustainable development.

                  Movelaser, Laser wind measurement technology is from Shanghai Institute of Optics and Fine Mechanics, Chinese Academy of Sciences a major national project, after more than 10 years of technical precipitation accumulation. The core members of the company's team are mainly from the original technical team members, with solid technical support.

                  Industrial Base Nanjing Advanced Laser Technology Research Institute was jointly established by Shanghai Institute of Optics and Fine Mechanics, Chinese Academy of Sciences and Jiangsu government. In 2014, under the background of General Secretary Xi Jinping's inspection of Jiangsu and his important speech, the institute joined the Jiangsu Industrial Technology Research Institute and became one of the eight research institutes in Jiangsu Province. The total number of the institute is more than 120. It has gathered 2 people for national planners, 3 people for million planners, 3 people for provincial dual-creation plans, 6 people for 321 talent plan , and 4 people for Chinese Academy of Sciences planners, mainly for national economic construction. The main battlefield provides technical support for the industry, serves the innovation of enterprises, and promotes the development of laser and related industries in China.

                  Movelaser as one of the industrialization platforms of the institute, the wind-detecting laser radar technology has been developed twice in this platform and successfully commercialized, which has attracted wide attention from all parties. The Shanghai Institute of Optics and Fine Mechanics, Chinese Academy of Sciences and the branch of the Nanjing Advanced Laser Technology Research Institute, the Nanjing Economic Development Zone, and the large-scale industrial group have laid a solid foundation for the company's industrial development in terms of technological innovation, industrial support, and hardware facilities.

                  Technology Patents  The main products of Movelaser are wind lidar system and laser light source. The company attaches great importance to the layout of intellectual property in the core module laser class, echo signal detection and processing, system design and other fields. The existing patent covers the whole machine technology and core module technology of the wind lidar, which form barriers at the system level and core module level respectively. The patent coverage is comprehensive and can form effective protection, which provides powerful technology for the company's activities. Support and legal protection.

                  Movelaser is the unique company in the world that has designed its own core modules from fiber laser radar, laser transceiver system, high-speed data acquisition system and high-precision data processing software. The core modules are highly matched and guaranteed. The unified coordination of the whole system and the security of data information.

                  Team Member Dr. Jun Zhou, the founder of Movelaser, is the main member of Shanghai Institute of Optics and Fine Mechanics, Chinese Academy of Sciences. He is currently the director of the All-Solid Laser Center of Nanjing Advanced Laser Technology Research Institute. He has a background in the field of post-doctoral laser technology of the Chinese Academy of Sciences and Stanford University. The vehicle's high-energy single-frequency pulsed laser and single-frequency harmonic output at 532nm and 355nm fill the gaps in the domestic field and have a strong technical background in the development of all-solid-state lasers and their application systems. The company's team members are mainly from the Shanghai Institute of Optics and Fine Mechanics, Chinese Academy of Sciences, Nanjing Advanced Laser Technology Research Institute, the United States and Britain Haigui and other industry veterans. Among the more than 20 research and development teams, there are 4 doctors, 80% of masters and above, including optics, electricity, Machinery, software, and data all have experienced and experienced engineers in the industry. They have excellent professional qualities, strong sense of belonging, strong teamwork, and strong dedication. They constitute the talent guarantee for the company's sustainable development and technological innovation.

                  Technical ConsultantBu Lingbing, professor of Nanjing University of Information Science and Technology, participated in the development of the first direct-detection laser radar based on Fizeau interferometer in China. The research direction is laser atmospheric detection technology. The current company is a technical consultant.

                  Equipment Security  Innovative research and development, technical equipments are guaranteed. Movelaser has R & D centers in the optical, electrical, mechanical, assembly, testing, to ensure to develop high quality wind lidar. The R&D center is more than 800 m2 and equipped with more than 30 sets of test equipment, including 600 m2 optical 100-grade, 10,000-level ultra-clean laboratory, and a complete set of equipment in the production process of fiber laser: optical fiber cutting machine, optical fiber fusion splicer, fiber coating machine, spectrometer, power meter, M2 instrument, etc.; 200 square meters electric laboratory, with advanced equipment such as oscilloscope, signal generator, spectrum analyzer; nearly 300 square meters mechanical assembly center, with ultrasonic cleaning machine, roughness meter , noise meter, automatic dispenser, temperature inspection instrument, optical theodolite and other advanced equipment; reliability center, including EMC testing equipment, temperature and humidity environmental testing platform, vibration testing platform and other facilities, for the development of wind lidar laser Strong hardware support.

                  Movelaser has various advanced supporting facilities, including optical room, electric room, mechanical assembly center, reliability center, etc. It is in the leading position in the wind lidar industry. The perfect test equipment and means provide effective quality assurance for the company's independent development.Movelaser also accepted technical service projects by large-scale research institutes, universities and production enterprises at home and abroad.

                  Nanjing Movelaser Co., Ltd.

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