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                  Molas B300 Ground-based Wind Lidar

                  The Molas B300 wind lidar which based on all-fiber coherent doppler effect,through the eight-beam VAD scanning vector synthesis technology, can measure wind speed and direction in 40-300 m above the lidar. In addition, air temperature, humidity and other parameters can be measured by the sensor module. Molas B300 has the characteristics of high precision, stable system performance, maintenance friendly and data security. It has been tested and calibrated by WINDGUARD, the world's leading wind assessment agency, and China Meteorological Administration. Molas B300 can be applied to wind resource assessment, post evaluation of wind farm, wind power prediction system, operation management of wind farm, atmospheric physics research, weather forecast, etc.

                  The four core modules of Molas B300, including fiber lidar emitter, laser transceiver system, high-speed data acquisition system, data processing softwareare independently developed by Movelaser. The core modules, which have a high degree of matching and ensure the unified coordination and data information security of the whole machine system, have reached international advanced level.

                  • Non-contact Measurement:Convenient and Fast,Industry Leading
                  • High-precision:Up to 0.1m/s and 1°
                  • Maintenance friendly:Maintain simplely and quickly,no risk of safety production
                  • Data security:No risk of data leakage and other economic and policy risk
                  • Wide range:40-300m 12 User-defined Height Levels
                  • Free infrastructure:No need for land requisition and infrastructure
                  • Flexible deployment:Small and lightweight,adapt to a variety of terrible environment
                  • All-weather:No fear of the harsh environment in the wild
                  • Time-saving and efficient:Easy to operate, fast commissioning, saving valuable time costs
                  • Flexible configuration:Wireless connection, flexible configuration and delivery of data

                  Performance Parameters

                  • Specification
                  • Range40-300m
                  • Height Level12
                  • Sampling Rate1Hz
                  • Speed Accuracy0.1m/s
                  • Direction Accuracy
                  • Speed Range0~75m/s
                  • Direction Range0~360°
                  • Measure Principle Pulsed Laser Coherent Doppler
                  • Beam 8 beams@28°incline angle
                  • General
                  • Power Supply24V DC
                    220VAC(with dapter)
                  • Power Consumption70W(nominal)
                  • Dimensions520*420*550mm3
                  • Weight < 50kg
                  • Temperature-40℃ ~ 50℃
                  • Humidity 0% to 100%
                  • Protection Rating IP65(Inner Module)
                  • SafetyClass 1M(EN60825-1)
                  • Data
                  • Data OutputHorizontal Speed/Vertical Speed/Direction
                    Statistic Data/Time/GPS/THP
                  • Format ASCII
                  • Storage256GB
                    Approx. 10 years @1 Hz
                  • Communication 100BASE-TX Ethernet


                  • ?Wind Resource Assessment
                  • Micro-siting and Review of Wind Farm
                  • Wind Measurement in Complex Terrain and Wind Measurements in Frozen Areas
                  • Power Curve Test of Wind Turbine
                  • Post Evaluation of Wind Farm
                  • Wind Power Prediction System
                  • Offshore Wind Power System
                  • Atmospheric Physics Research
                  • Meteorological Detection and Environmental Monitoring
                  • Measurement of High-altitude Wind Profile

                  Molas NL Nacelle-based Wind Lidar

                  Molas NL is a nacelle-based wind lidar which is independently developed by Nanjing Movelaser for wind power customers' intelligent application solutions. It is a remote sensing laser device which can be installed above the wind turbine nacelle. It uses a coherent detection system based on the principle of laser Doppler frequency shift to achieve an accurate measurement of the wind vector field from the top of the nacelle to the front tens of to several hundred meters ahead of turbine rotor.

                  Molas NL measures and records wind data information of 200 m in front of wind turbines. After it's connected to the main control system of the wind turbine, it can realize the functions in a variety of automated operating scenarios such as yaw control, load optimization, power curve test and so on.

                  • Real front wind measurement
                  • Data transmission and local storage
                  • Accuracy up to 0.1m/s and 0.5°
                  • High sampling rate: 4Hz
                  • Multiple distance layers: simultaneous measurement of 10 user-defined distance layers
                  • Large range: measure distance up to 400m to meet diverse needs
                  • Four beams: covers rotor surface to achieve 3D measurement
                  • Intelligent configuration: flexible wireless connection to achieve intelligent remote control
                  • ?Maintenance-free: no consumables, no wearing parts, no maintenance during the entire life cycle
                  • High applicability: full temperature range and environmental conditions
                  • ?High compatibility: universal data interface and installation interface for wind power

                  Performance Parameters

                  • Measurement Parameters
                  • Measuring Distance50m ~ 400m
                  • Distance Level10
                  • Wind Speed Range0m/s ~ 50m/s
                  • Wind Speed Accuracy0.1m/s
                  • Wind Direction Range-90° ~ 90°
                  • Wind Direction Accuracy≥0.5°
                  • Effective Frequency4Hz
                  • Environmental Parameters
                  • Maximum Working Humidity 100% (Outer Parts of nacelle)
                    ?95% (Inside Parts of nacelle)
                  • Working Acceleration Range-0.5g ~ 0.5g
                  • Operating Temperature Range-40℃~60℃
                  • Operating Temperature Range-40℃~65℃ (power off)
                    -45℃~60℃(power on)
                  • Survival Wind Speed70m/s
                  • Working Altitude≤3500m
                  • Other Parameters
                  • Optical Probe Protection ClassIP66
                  • Signal Processing Protection ClassIP65
                  • ?Lens Requirements Against Freezing,Dust, Etc.
                  • Anti-corrosion GradeISO C5
                  • ?Communication Protocols and Interfaces such as Profibus DP
                  • Optical Probe Weight≤35kg
                  • Signal Processing Module Weight≤10kg
                  • The Maximum Passing Size 500mm * 500mm
                  • ?Life >5 years


                  • Yaw control
                  • Calibrate yaw error to increase the AEP of the wind turbine by approximately 2% to 4%

                  • Assisted control of Wind Turbine
                  • Reduce wind turbine fatigue load by more than 5%
                  • Reduce wind turbine costs by 5% to 10%

                  • Blade load analysis
                  • Reduce wind rotor load and extend wind turbine life
                  • Reduce wind turbine fatigue load by more than 10%

                  • Power curve test
                  • Realize remote sensing of the wind farm at 2.5D in front of the wind rotor
                  • Reduce power curve test error