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                  Movelaser grand attended the "3rd Offshore Wind Asia Summit "


                  On November 13th-14th, 2020, the 3rd Offshore Wind Asia Summit (OWA2020) was held in Shanghai. Nanjing Movelaser Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as Movelaser) was invited to attend and gave a speech at the summit. OWA2020 is hosted by the Guoxin Decision Industry Research Institute and Asia Offshore Wing Energy Focus, and is co-organized by European Offshore Wind, Asia Wind Energy Association and Global Floating Association. Over 300 offshore wind power developers , main engine factory , EPC contractors, design and exploration institutes, parts manufacturers, construction and installation , local governments and the National Energy Administration attended the event to discuss offshore wind power plants in multiple dimensions Facing the opportunities and challenges, jointly promote the healthy and orderly development of offshore wind power.




                  Intelligent solution of laser wind measurement- opportunities and challenges of offshore wind power

                  Zhou Jun, Chairman of Movelaser, attended the summit and published the theme report of "Intelligent solution of laser wind measurement- opportunities and challenges of offshore wind power” In order to solve with the opportunities and challenges of offshore wind power, Movelaser provides intelligent solutions for laser wind measurement. According to the different stages of offshore wind power project, the offshore version of ground-based /engine room / floating lidar is applied to provide the most economical and timely solution for wind measurement. Using lidar to measure wind can reduce the LCOE, save the project cycle by about 4-6 months, help reduce costs and increase efficiency of offshore wind power, and accelerate the realization of common price of offshore wind power.

                    The products of Movelaser are widely used, and the reliability has been verified by the market and won the recognition of many customers.

                  120+ ground-based wind measurement radar B300 used in 80+ wind resource assessment projects

                  30+ ground-based wind measurement radar B300 used in 30+ wind farm post-evaluation projects

                  1500+ cabin-type wind measuring radar NL used in 80+ wind turbine auxiliary control projects

                  Among them, 50+ radars are used in 30+ offshore wind power projects

                  More than 12 million+ hours of global data service

                   In the future, Movelaser will continue to work hard in the four dimensions of product performance、 reliability、, cost and maintenance to help accelerate the development of global wind power and contribute to the development of clean energy.


                  Chairman Zhou Jun made the theme report at the summit


                  Many industry experts came to the booth to discuss the development of lidar wind measurement technology